360° Professional Wellness Products


MU D’tox Probiotics (30 sachets per box, 12g each)


This unique formulation with live nanonised lactic acid bacteria helps to return your digestive tract to its pink of health by introducing “happy” bacteria into your gastrointestinal system. Formulated with live probiotics culture, it helps to promote overall wellness through detoxification, promote regular bowel movements and good gastrointestinal health. MU D’TOX Probiotics is also enhanced with Seawater Magnesium for better peristaltic movement.


MC PDRN Lucent Youth Elixir 30ml


Luxuriously lightweight serum fortified with PDRN, multi-growth factors and multi-peptides. A revolutionary new standard for skincare – Patented PDRN formulation with Crystalsome technology to strengthen skin barrier function and enhance penetration of active ingredients into the skin for youth restoration.

Multi-functioning benefits
Skin DNA Regeneration • Skin Lifting • Skin Tightening • Skin Brightening • Anti-Aging


MU Mieux Collagen Hydro+ (8 bottles per box, 50ml each )


Skin health comes from within; the all-new MU MIEUX Collagen Hydro+ is carefully crafted to deliver enhanced nutrition at cellular levels for true inside-out beauty. MU MIEUX Collagen Hydro+ is a nutritional dietary supplement with enhanced formulation of hyaluronic acid & marine molecular collagen to nourish skin from within. A tasty & light supplement power packed with CoQ10, Ceramide, Vitamin C & E.

MC Lucent8 Brightening Emulsion 50ml


Erases traces of age with this premium formulation. The enzymatic peeling gently removes impurities to enhance absorption of superior ingredients deep into the skin layer. Triple skin booster effects on superior skin lifting, brightening and rejuvenation.

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