360° Professional Aesthetics Solutions


PDRN Ultra Eyelift (Box of 6 Vials)

30 minutes

This patented formulation is a powerhouse packed with 9 types of multi growth factors, peptides and 3 types of hyaluronic acid complex, which improves skin elasticity, reduces the formation of dark eye circles and under-eye swelling.


PDRN Skin Renewal (Box of 6 Vials)

30 minutes

This patented formula has superior skin lifting and anti-aging properties. Contains PDRN, a high-performance DNA repair salmon extract protein, which strengthens the skin barrier function and improves water-holding capacity. It also contains 9 types of multi growth factors, peptides and natural moisturising hyaluronic acid to help skin regeneration.


Idebenone Skin Radiance (Box of 6 Vials)

30 minutes

The super skin-brightening anti-oxidant formula combining Idebenone, Glutathione, Niacinamide and Ascorbyl Glucoside is capable of protecting against UV damage and controlling melanin generation, helps brighten and tone the dull and tired skin. Idebenone is known to be 4 times stronger than Vitamin C and 10 times stronger than CoQ10.

For best results, product is to be applied using Dermoelectroporation® therapy as administered by certified aestheticians.


Dermoelectroporation® is a FDA-approved technology from Italy with zero downtime and similar efficacies to that of injections. The technology stimulates the opening of the skin’s existing water based channels to allow product to penetrate deeper into the skin layers without damaging the skin’s surface.

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